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Risotto with Chorizo and Basil

This is such a special and impressive dish to make when you have friends over for dinner or if you just want an extra special dinner one evening. Everything about this dish is comforting and therapeutic starting with the stirring of the starchy, creamy rice. Served with some garlic bread […]

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Mexican Eggs

  This is the perfect weekend breakfast dish for a lazy morning at home or for a brunch with your friends. It adds something special to a standard breakfast dish while keeping the work to a minimum. A weekend morning is no time for creating extra work for yourself but that […]

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Poached Eggs

  This is one of my absolute favourite things to have for breakfast (or for any meal). It is such a simple recipe but people always ask me how to make them. There is a general belief that poached eggs are complicated to make but they are so simple anyone can […]

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Perfect Scrambled Eggs

Eggs are a fantastic breakfast for those of us who want to start the day with a nice healthy and filling meal. However, a lot of people make some very common mistakes which means they are eating dry and flavourless eggs and no one wants to start their day like […]