Spicy Chicken Quesadilla

Looking for an easy peasy lunch that is sure to wow your friends? Try this spicy chicken quesadilla for a flashy lunch prepared in a flash! This recipe is for one quesadilla – multiply as necessary!


  • 1 tortilla wrap
  • 1 heaped tablespoon salsa
  • 2 tablespoons guacamole
  • 1 handful of grated cheese (I use a mix of cheddar and mozzarella)
  • 1 chicken fillet
  • 1 tablespoon old El Paso fajita spices
  • 2 tablespoons water
  • 2 tablespoons natural yoghurt


  1. Heat some olive oil in a pan over medium heat. Dice the chicken breast and add to the pan. When the chicken is cooked through (after roughly 10 minutes) add the fajita spices and the water. Mix together.
  2. Melt a small knob of butter in a large pan over medium heat. Place the tortilla wrap flat in the pan and start to add the rest of the ingredients to one half of the tortilla wrap.
  3. On the half you are putting the ingredients on, spread the salsa on and then top with the grated cheese, then the guacamole and then the chicken.
  4. Leave the wrap to start to toast for about a minute or so, being careful not to burn or not to toast too much.
  5. Then fold the empty half over the half with the ingredients layered on and remove to a board. Chop into slices and drizzle with natural yoghurt.
  6. Garnish with slices of red chilli, coriander, lime and sliced spring onion to make your lunch as beautiful as it deserves to be!


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