Dinner, Sides

Shoestring fries

These shoe string fries are a fab alternative to regular chips or wedges and take half the time to cook so you can still have homemade chips even when you’re tight on time! It’s important that the fries have enough space on the pan – they should be in a […]


Turmeric Rice

This golden rice is so beautiful and looks so impressive, despite being super easy to make! This goes perfectly with any kind of curry and is also a gorgeous base for a rice salad mixed with lots of fresh veggies and herbs. This recipe serves one – double up as […]


Spiced Potato Wedges

These Spiced Potato Wedges go so well with my Crispy Chicken Curry but would be great with any dish as an alternative to plain chips. They are full of flavour, perfectly crispy and really easy to make. Give them a go and let me know what you think! This recipe […]